Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It was in the utopia of joined breath---

in the crucifixion of thoughts

that bled you…

It was in the chisel that shamelessly

etched possibility into a

calloused heart

It was in the lawless glow of untamed spirit

confessing the devilry behind eyes

and midnight smiles

It was in the starving words that cascaded

down from hurricane lips into

a wild foam of desire

It was in the timeless vestige of love’s shadow

where two silhouettes dared to grapple

and emerge feverish from cinders

It was belief in something stronger than words

when time froze and profound emptiness

ached to be filled

Or maybe it was the soul’s emancipation

from a cage of ribs into unknown

cavities the color of sunset

Maybe still, it was the timeless divide

of yielding flesh, splitting love open

like a new dimension

A strange universe sliding in pure as water

firmly rooted, reaching for the core--

traveling with gravity...

Copyright © 2011 by Vincent John Ancona

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