Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I saw a grouping of dreams,

bleed into shadows

pushed through uncertain horizons

ferociously seeking

higher ground to ascend

the view, diminished

people fading out

like footsteps on blank sand

I saw a murder of dreams

buried beneath my own

and wondered:

will soil alone

comfort the bones

of broken dreams?

are the bones of dreams

at peace?

are they released into the sky

three dimensional voids

desperately finding their way

back to earth, into eyes?

I found my dream

on the roof of a lonely tower

blown by chance winds

looking down on the dead bodies

of other dreams

that were reaching for it

the dark clouds opened

a strange wind blew

and more dreams fell

little spatters of blood

upon my skin.

copyright (c) 2011 by Vincent John Ancona

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