Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Let us dive into the bloodshot pool

that has become your eyes...

Flap our arms wildly--

to purge the beast

from your waning body

Let us burst into each others flames

bravely just like old times

except now

let us forgive every sin

come together inside your veins

chase this rabid venom

from your blood

Let us seek this cerulean sky

you’ve promised

There aren’t enough headstones

left to swear on

Not enough time

for eternity

I remember the days before your

Russian Roulette chemistry

kicked in; confident days

before your bones ached

for a fix.

Darling, these are impossible depths

to rise from with leeches

on the spine

I still dream of the day when

you will look up and know

a gentle sun

For now, we dwell in your shadow

afraid to breathe, sweating

your absence, dodging

your funeral

Take these, my hands--

They have been

claws too

copyright (c) 2011 by Vincent John Ancona

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