Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Poetry is broken, gone far away--
bailed in the darkest hours.

without care. Poetry, won’t you
please stop being

You see, I know you’ve wondered
Should I desert

I’ve seen you hit and run
like a practiced

One manicured hand covering
half an eye, half a

but I stayed true. Poetry, I’ve wondered
who and what we’ve allowed this to

over the years. We’ve changed
so much I can barely

our faces. We’ve grown
together, grown into

But it doesn’t seem you understand how
his goodnights still shatter my

How badly I’ve needed you in this empty
month when you became white between

Poetry, I know you realize not everything
boils down to syntax and

You tried not to let them smash you
with ivory hammers into

pieces they still call Poetry-- but I just can’t
seem to find you anymore buried

this avalanche of emotional debris where
they say your heart is still

Copyright (c) 2011 by Vincent John Ancona


I wanted to reach inside
your kamikaze storm
and tear out
a sun

Hold it up to the Heavens
with trembling hands
and let the masses
see Love

I wanted to jump from
your hellfire skies
and fall securely
into feathers

To close my eyes gently
and expand weightless
inside your nuclear

copyright (c) 2011 by Vincent John Ancona

Letting Go

makes the heart
spin wild
on troubled axis
braced for shrapnel

means mostly gutted
using entrails
as a compass
through blank forests
and doubtful skies

stares the beast
into withdrawal
asks no permission
to unbury old bones

slowly embraces
the unknown
abandons careful plans
and familiar pain
bends so as not
to break

means crawling
inch by stubborn inch
until there is light

gives love

copyright (c) 2011 by Vincent John Ancona

Love's Metamorphosis

The butterfly
you told me to kiss
that rests on your lips
shattered wings beating
desperately against unworthy flesh
trampled legs kicking off flakes
of currish skin
creates blood between us
stronger than stars or dogma
stronger than philosophy or discharge
When the dust calms
the butterfly
becomes a caterpillar.
I swallow it
and kiss others
love resting safely
in the heart's cocoon.

Copyright (c) 2010 by Vincent John Ancona